Cloth Addiction Microfiber Cloth

Smudges on screens are inevitable. By the end of the day we all have dirt, dust and fingerprints on all our electronics from the laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tvs and more. The Cloth Addiction Microfiber cloth offers an easy and safe way to keep screens in tip top condition. Most cloths smudge the dirt around or even scratch the surface. Not this cloth, it cleans the screen fully while capturing the dust and dirt and lifting it away from the surface.

I’ve never been a big fan of cleaning cloths as I usually use a soft washcloth or my shirt but this product is one that I love and will continue to use. At only $8.95 it’s a steal and it comes with two cloths sized 8.75′X12″ and a 7′X7″ with its own carrying case. To order or get more information go to their site. You won’t be disappointed with a product like this.