Boxwave Mini Capacitive Stylus Review

Tiny little accessories have always peaked my interest, mainly because of their portability and simply, their small size. Boxwave’s Mini Capacitive Stylus definitely fits into that category and easily peaked my interest when I first saw it. Though it’s a great little product, I’m not quite sure how often people may use it.

The Mini Capacitive Stylus is sold for, supposedly, easier use with capacitive touch screens. This includes the iPhone’s, iPod Touch’s and iPad’s screens, to name a few. Advertised to make it easier to your device when your hands aren’t suitable, primarily when you’re wearing gloves, the soft material on the stylus can be used for mostly everything that you usually use your device for. Although that’s what it’s supposed to do, don’t expect it to replace your seasoned typing or be able to be your controller in the app store’s various applications. Instead, it will work best with single-touch functions and drawing applications (works flawlessly with Gamevil’s Chalk n’ Talk).

There are a ton of different styluses available for the capacitive touch screens, though Boxwave’s take
on the accessory stands out. Why? They’ve made it so that it’s easily portable, thanks to its wonderfully small size. The mini capacitive stylus is about an 1.25 inches in length making it easily portable and able to fit in pockets of any size. Also, as an added bonus, there’s a plug connected to the stylus itself by an attachment string that inserts into a 3.5 mm headphone jack. In this way, you can always keep the stylus with your device.

You really have to admire the polish look that the mini stylus maintains. It’s got a very modern look, with a metallic finish from the tip to the end; to put it simply, it looks great.

Despite its small size, which is the prominent advantage over other styli, the stylus does feel “natural” while you’re using. I don’t have the largest of fingers, but certainly also not the smallest, and the stylus felt almost exactly like holding a mini pencil – there’s really nothing wrong with the product, other than there aren’t really too many uses for it, especially around this time of year. But if you do want a little accessory that certainly can come in use, sometime around the corner, then you can check it out over at Boxwave’s website. It’s available for a special sale price of $12.95 and is available in four colors: red, black, silver and blue.