Boxwave Armor Case Review for iPod Touch 4th Generation

How many of you don’t really mind a case that doesn’t look real nice, but will protect your iPod Touch undoubtedly? Boxwave didn’t really take looks into account when designing their Armor Case for the iPod Touch 4th generation; it’s not something you’d want to go show off, but it will definitely make sure your device stays scratch/dent-free.

This aluminum case, with a metallic, modern finish, is built solely based on the fact that your iPod Touch is vulnerable to all kinds of hazards: falls, dust, etc. From the bottom to the top, it is built strongly in order to protect your iPod Touch at all costs, should you drop it. Along with that, the inside of the case is layered with a soft foam-like material, which will prevent the aluminum from scratching your iPod. In other words, it’s got armor everywhere, hence the name, the Armor Case.

Getting your iPod into the case is rather simple. I’ve never seen this method before: the top (when held flat) folds off the bottom piece, very much like a door with a hinge. This opens up the space in between the two, connected pieces, so you can then place your iPod inside. Closing was an issue for me at first, but this time around not because of my invisible shield, which would normally prevent a case from closing because of the extra bulk it adds. Where the two pieces of the case lock together, (not the hinge that connects the two together) there is a sort of locking mechanism. An extra part juts out, which then fits into a part on the other part of the case. For me, these two wouldn’t click together. As a result, the case would not close properly. However, after some tries, they finally locked. It turns out that the front piece of the case was bent at a slightly different angle than usual, which brings me to my next point.

Next point —> The culprit behind the wrong angle is the fact that the front piece of the case is way too flimsy. With a single accident when the case is open, the front part could easily snap. However, that’s not a problem when closed. The locking mechanism has its own faults too. Due to the actuality that it juts out further than the edge of the case, it constantly pokes into your hand when holding your iPod Touch in portrait mode with your left hand. This does get pretty annoying, and painful, after awhile.

Included along with the case are two other accessories, both of which could come in handy. I’ve always missed the opportunity to seem official because I’ve never used a belt clip before. The Armor Case makes it simple. A screw, that can be removed on-demand, screws in to a designated area on the back of the case, which can then attach to a belt clip. The belt clip can be swiveled 360 degrees. The other accessory also fits around the screw. This is a lanyard/string that can be used for carrying your iPod.

Despite the few gripes that I came across, the case is designed extremely well; I could easily pick it over an Otterbox, although you do get a bit more protection should you go down that road. Either way, it’s worth checking out if you want a durable, heavyweight case that you can rely on to successfully protect your iPod Touch 4th generation. The Armor Case is available for $27.95, and in two different colors: jet black and silver.