BodyGuardz Dry Apply Review for iPod Touch 4G

Last week, I took off my case to clean off any dust or grit on my iPod and along with that stuff, I was faced with a scratch; not a huge one, but small enough for me to notice. Though I was pretty angry, the Dry Apply BodyGuardz that I received from NLU Products help reassure me that no scratch would again threaten my iPod’s elegance. After the semi-difficult installation process, the screen protector is now fit on my iPod looking slicker than ever.

The Dry Apply BodyGuardz doesn’t stray out of the box much from others on the market. It’s tough, durable, and most of all reliable. In the box that it’s sent in, you’ll find some things: a squeegee, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a anti-germ one time use packet, and of course the skin(s). Depending on which of the two options you choose on the website, the number of skins included differs. You can get simply two screen protectors, or two full body sets which includes skins for the backside of your iPod as well. With two skins included, you’ll most likely go back in a year or so and apply another one. For this it’s helpful to keep the box because one, it’s thin and easy to store somewhere, and two, it has sections devoted to the things included with it making them easy to keep in one place and organized.

Installing the skin was where I faced the largest problems. Some of the button’s cutouts on the back skin aren’t alligned perfectly with each other. If one area is perfect, another one isn’t and when you try to make that one perfect all of the other get messed up, etc. This happened because the skin is dry apply, and it’s hard to adjust once the adhesive side has touched the device. If you mess up, you have to pull it off while facing some resistance which gives you a slight feeling of uneasiness about the film maybe stretching or bending. Multiple times with both the back and the front, I had to reapply after laying it down wrong, which is partly my fault, and now there’s a wide stretch mark on the front that won’t leave. But that’s the issue with all dry-apply screen protectors, so no matter which brand you buy you’ll face this error. The good in this process was that the microfiber cloth was easily able to take off any unwanted grit, and the squeegee’s compactness came in handy.

Once you have successfully applied the skin on the back and the front, there may be some bubbles. These can be annoying while they’re there, but after just a few hours they all dissipate. The only bad thing that I saw after installing is that the home button cutout is larger than needed, and looks a little bit odd after everything is layed down becuase you’ve got an extra amount of opening and some exposed space.

Unlike many other films that I’ve tried on both of my iPods, this one didn’t start to peel on the corners yet. It’s only been a few days, so obviously you can’t be sure that it won’t peel but the evidence was pretty good. It’s durable, thick, and at the same time surprisingly thin.

One problem that you’ll face with every single screen protector is that some cases simply won’t fit. Silicone cases apart, many others the iPod will not go into. But really, it’s not such a big issue when you’ve got protection against scratches and ugly scuffs on your screen and external back of your iPod. Never have I regretted installing a screen protector, and that never goes on. It’s a pleasure having the Dry Apply BodyGuardz on my iPod, and I’m sure that for any other device I need covering, I’ll go to them. You can’t ask for a better screen shield for $24.95, and you definitely won’t ever find one.