Artwizz MirrorFilm Review for iPod Touch 2nd Generation – A glossy solution to your daily needs

Invisible shields don’t protect your iDevice much from serious falls. Even so, they’re extremely useful for protecting your iPod from small scratches, annoying fingerprints, and small dust particles that can get under your skin (and screen). Plus, when you have an extra function built in, it’s that much better.

Though I purchased the newest of the iPod Touch line that released September of this year, I still often use my old iPod 2G for listening to music and such out of the house. It’s not my primary device anymore, but I still find myself taking it out usually over my newer mainly because of my fear – you probably know it when you first get something really new.

So using it calls for more protection, correct? That’s where invisible shields come in, and Artwizz’s MirrorFilm is the perfect solution. If you’re scared for your iPod, like I am for the constant buildup of dust, dirt, fingerprints, and whatnot, the MirrorFilm can come in handy. It’s basically a plastic-like material cut out to lay directly on top of your iPod’s screen. This can prevent those glossy fingerprints with pretty much no need to do anything on your part except install, and can help protect your screen from scratches.

Even when the film is installed on your iPod, you have access to all of the ports you would normally be using thanks to the few cutouts. The bottom of your iPod is exposed, yes, but you can still use your headphone jack and charge & sync port along with your sleep buttons and volume rockers.

Better yet, the MirrorFilm also includes a mirror functionality evident by the name. When your iPod is in standby mode, or just plain off, it can be turned into a shiny, glossy, and very nice looking mirror which can be used for all of your daily use girls and maybe guys.

I’m not sure how it’s done, but when you’re using your iPod you can see the screen perfectly fine, and when you put it into standby mode, you can’t see anything but your face.

The MirrorFilm is available on Artwizz’s website for only 9.99 EUROS (about 13-14 dollars). It’s a highly useful accessory, doesn’t look bad, and protects your iPod to a certain extent. What more could you possibly want?