App Review: Seek Revenge in Beatdown!

If you’re relatively higher up in the ranks of a company, you might want to take everything into consideration the next time you decide to can an employee. The reason for this? Chances are that that employee isn’t going to take the whole affair lightly. That is the exact premise in the new, retro-inspired beat-em-up from Ravenous Games, Beatdown! ($0.99). ($0.99).

Infuriated by his recent dismissal from his company, to which he’s been dedicated to for countless years, the hero in Ravenous Games’ newest retro game is bent on seeking revenge against the man who ordered his withdrawal: the CEO.

You’ll find yourself with two standard weapons: an acrobatic jump used for evasion and a sucker punch that can be used in combination to result in a blowing kick to enemies. As the hero, you’re posed with destroying anything and anyone in your way, and you must navigate through multiple different environments to ultimately reach the main boss.

Beatdown! is your typical side-scrolling beat-em-up. This basically involves a quick and rapid motion of your fingers rather than technique. Enemies will enter from both the left and right sides of the screen, each increasingly equipped with more and more powerful weapons. Starting from bare hands, enemies will eventually threaten the hero with large guns. A health bar in the top left corner details how much life you’ve lose; once this has been depleted, the level will be restarted.

Ravenous has done an absolutely wonderful job in the past creating the most effective touch controls for its games. Though it isn’t perfect, the same stands for Beatdown! Users will find themselves with three different options for overall movement: touch anywhere to move, an analog stick and d-pad – and two buttons on the right side of the screen used to jump and attack, as detailed previously. Given that it’s retro-inspired, the game has been detailed pixel by pixel. Each and every sprite, background and UI element gives off an arcade feel.



by Ravenous Games Inc.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
0.99 USD

Every four levels, out of the total twenty, will be a boss level. While there’s a bit of variety in the overall graphics used to depict each boss, each basically does the same thing as the last one. They all present quite the challenge, however variety is lacking a tiny bit in this aspect. On the contrary, though, the game has tons of content to offer to offer to its players in other departments. After ever boss, the gameplay environment changes to reflect the nearing to the boss. Similarly, the game introduces a new type of enemy or obstacle almost every other level, which is perfect.

There’s really nothing exceptionally revolutionary that Beatdown! introduces to the genre. That said, the constant mashing of the attack buttons do become bit of a monotonous bore after awhile. However, Ravenous Games has polished the game to the fullest extent, and we give it a solid recommendation.

Note: re-edited since publication.

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