Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for the iPhone 4

The Summer season is in full swing! It’s no secret, the second I leave the iPhone Alley office I’m headed straight to the pool. If I wasn’t so landlocked in Oklahoma, I know that I’d be at the beach or lake instead. But, as long as I’m near some water, I’m good. But, my love for the sun and water does not mesh well with the love for my iPhone. I rarely throw my iPhone in my swim bag. What if it gets wet? Too hot? Banged around? Sand in it?

The Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case by Proporta is the solution I’ve been looking for. If you are a beach bum or lake goer, then you must check this product out.

The case consists of a few different parts. There is a hard plastic shell that fits on the front and back of the phone. Then a clear thick waterproof silicon skin goes over the top of the hard case. Finally, and the most important part, is the back which screws into the hard case. It has a seal on it designed to keep any water or weather out.

I know you are probably thinking that your Otterbox does all this, right? Wrong, this case makes your iPhone waterproof. That means, if you want to take some underwater pictures….no problem! Want to put it in your swim trunks pocket while you surf….no problem!

I always like to test out the product fully to make sure it really does what it says. So, I took an old damaged iPhone 4 and put the case on it and took it for a swim. When i took the case off, not even a bit of moisture was on it. This product is the real deal. If you love the water like I do, you no longer have to choose between it and your iPhone. With the Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case, your iPhone is safe!