A Whale of an iPhone Case

As with most anything in life, creativity counts when it comes to iPhone cases. We have a whale of a story to tell you now, and it has to do with a whale of an iPhone case.  Literally.

The designer behind the project is Seyook Lee, and the case is, appropriately enough, called iWhale.  Yanko Design, which started selling the device late last week, states on its website that the iWhale case “mimics the silhouette of a whale coming to the water’s surface to breath [sic]!”

But what good is beauty without brains?

“While it’s uber-cute, it’s also highly functional,” the iWhale’s product description continues.

The case offers a unique curved back, which Lee’s website describes as providing “stability and comfort,” while the tail offers a unique feature: the ability to cling onto “surfaces like handlebars, screens, or rear-view mirrors.”

Although many iPhone cases come with a belt clip, not many address the issue of storing one’s iPhone on surfaces that require a hook.  The iWhale appears to meet that need.

Everything about the case appears to have its purpose, even the “blowhole,” which is actually the slot for the headphone jack.  How creative is that?

While the size and design of the case could understandably be awkward and cumbersome to some, this case could certainly appeal to those of us looking for a case that thinks outside of the box.

The iWhale device is currently available on Yank Design’s website for $23.90.

This is one of the most uniquely-designed, creative iPhone cases we’ve seen in a while. While most cases on the market serve their purpose, namely protecting the oft-fragile iPhone, it’s refreshing to see not only a creative design, but a design that finds a purpose for each aspect of that creativity.

Would you use this case?

[via: Mashable]