Poll: How Do You Type on Your New iPad?

Writer Michael DeLisi and myself were having a casual conversation discussing the new iPad. Following his awe of the new retina display due to his recent unboxing of the new device, we began to talk about how either of us types on the device. Undoubtedly, the typical typing speed on an iPad in comparison to the iPhone is considerably lower and the amount of typos on the latter is usually at a minimal. We want to know which of the two keyboards that you use.

Apple recently, if you will, added the ability to split the otherwise large virtual keyboard into two in order to cater to some people’s smaller hand sized. We’ve both found the double keyboard to be much easier than using the large keyboard. What do you think?

Which of the two iPad keyboards do you find easier to type with?

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A quick tip for iOS noobs: if you don’t know how to switch to the double keyboard, you simply swipe outwards in opposite directions from the center with two fingers. To go back to the large keyboard, you must swipe back inwards. A poll and an iOS tip in one post? Awesome!