Poll: Average Age of Developers

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen an incline of the amount of amateur (age-wise) developers taking their stands on the App Store. I know for sure that there aren’t too many seven year old developers, but I’m curious as to see the approximate age range of developers currently developing for the iOS platform.

I’ve been working with a few 13-16 year old developers in the past few months, so am very interested in what the model is. If you’re an iOS developer (meaning you are currently or have developed for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad), it would be much appreciated if you could vote in the below poll with valid information, as putting in fake info could hinder the ultimate results. No, iPhoneAlley is not attempting to stalk you for pleasure, that’s my job. ;)

What age are you? (developers only)

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Hopefully the results of the above poll will be surprising to everyone, including myself. It has no closing time, meaning you can keep on voting forever (although only one time for each unique visitor). I know the results won’t ever be a completely accurate representation of the actual age of iOS developers today, but anything that comes out of it will suffice.