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Apple Hacked by Group That Targeted Facebook

In an unexpected turn of events, Apple said on Tuesday that the same hackers that targeted Facebook have hacked the Mac computers of some employees; the widest-known cyber attacks against Apple-made computers to date, Reuters reported.

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iOS Releases 6.1.2 Bug Fixes

With issues rising at every turn for iOS, Apple once again released a small software update that will hope to resolve its aggravating issues. On Tuesday, the tech giant issued the iOS 6.1.2 supplemental update, which promises to fix “an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity

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iPhone Mini Launch Coming Soon

Apple is taking its next step forward with its iPhone products, hoping to unveil a $330 iPhone mini as early as this summer, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. The low-cost iPhone will presumably add additional revenue in its international market, specifically China, expecting to draw in a 20

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Are We Suffering from Mobile App Burnout?

The New York Times’ Jenna Wortham thinks we are. She has about 259 apps installed on her iPhone. While I have roughly 170, I do have to agree with her: I hardly use 20–25 apps on a regular basis.

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Apple Software Update Could Disable Counterfeit Lightning Connectors

When they introduced the iPhone 5, Apple switched to a new connector port called Lightning. So, all your iPhone accessories compatible with previous generation iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch models had then become “worthless” all of a sudden. But, as is usually the case, a new wave of accessories has

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iPad Upgrade Announcement in Works?

It’s about time that Apple announces its plans to host a major product event, or so says noted analyst of Piper Jaffrey & Co.’s Gene Munster. According to the expert, the tech giant should be in line to host the next major product event in April, due to the amount

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Does the MacBook Pro Price Cut Signal Something Wrong with Apple? [Opinion]

The day before Valentine’s Day Apple had surprised the blogosphere and consumers by announcing both a processor refresh and price cut for its recently-released Retina MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. Yes, in an unexpected move – just four months after introducing its high-end laptops – Apple chops $200 off the

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iPhone 5 Glitch Enables People to See Your Photos, Contacts

It seems that the iPhone 5 passcode lock isn’t quite as hack-proof as you may have originally thought. According to Adrian D’Urso of JailbreakNation, the iPhone 5 is quite easy to break into, once you get the hang of it. Once completed, the security flaw allows anyone to make phone

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Apple Challenges Brazil Ruling on “iPhone” Trademark

It didn’t take long for Apple to strike back against Brazil’s copyright regulators who sided with the local firm Gradiente Electronica SA on Wednesday over the use of the “iPhone” brand name. Today, the tech giant is challenging the ruling set by the Institute of Industry Property (INPI), citing that

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Apple Drops MacBook Prices

It didn’t take long for Apple to stir up some buzz after President Obama mentioned the tech giant in Tuesday’s State of the Union address. 

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