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iPhone Alley Spectrum Countdown to the Relaunch Giveaway

The pending relaunch of iPhone Alley as a whole has been a tease to our readers, undoubtedly. In the past few months, the launch date has changed quite a few times as reflection of the countless struggles we've faced behind the scenes to assure that the all-new, redesigned iPhone Alley unanimously surpasses everyone's expectations. As a token of appreciation for all of those who have stuck alongside us, iPhone Alley is offering its readers the chance the exclusive chance to win big. In light of the relaunch, which is coming incredibly soon, iPhone Alley has teamed up with case provider, Otterbox as well as numerous iOS developers - click to enter!


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NYPD Forms Dedicated Apple Team to Recoup Stolen iDevices

Turns out the theft rate of Apple iDevices is so high in New York that the NYPD has formed a dedicated Apple team assigned to work with the tech giant to get those stolen iGadgets back, the New York Post reports.

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Apple Antagonist Reveals iPrefs Stock Plan

In a conference call with Apple investors, Greenlight Capital Inc. founder David Einhorn announced his proposal for Apple Inc. to issue preferred stock to its shareholders. Einhorn says the strategy would give more value to investors without touching Apple’s stack of cash. “iPrefs” as Einhorn calls them, would roll out

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Google’s Project Glass Compatible with iPhone

Google’s latest invention, Project Glasses, is one to be swooning over. The Mountain View-based company is upgrading its eyewear with a small computer chip hidden in the lense to bring technology even closer to your senses. And better yet? It will be compatible with your iPhone.

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iPhone Mini Launch in Sight, Analyst Says

The first line of inexpensive iPhones is set for an unofficial release this summer. Following a meeting with Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, noted Morgan Stanely analyst Katy Huberty is more confident than ever that Apple will introduce the much-anticipated low-cost iPhone by July. She also mentioned that the tech giant

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Alleged iPad mini 2 Rear Shell Photos Hit The Web

While the rumor mill is busy discussing whether the second generation iPad mini will feature a Retina Display, the Chinese site WeiPhone is sharing a number of photos that author claims to be the rear shell of the iPad mini 2.

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Apple Nabs New Touchscreen Correcting Technology Patent

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, it’s just a matter of time before we all start typing on touchscreens. And Apple is doing everything it can to make the transition comfortable for everyone. 

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Juice Pack Helium Saves iPhone Battery Problem

Does a lack of iPhone 5 battery life get you down? Mophie, the makers of the new Juice Pack Helium, may have solved the problem by introducing its new plastic battery case, which integrates a small lithium-ion battery and can slide right into the pocket.

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PlayStation 4 App for iOS to Bring New Gaming Experiences to iPhone/iPad

Stop us if you have heard this before: next-generation gaming on iPhone/iPad, courtesy of the newly-unveiled PlayStation 4 and its PlayStation app. Intrigued? iOS could play an integral part in the way that the new wave of games are interacted with if Sony has its way with its second-screen app.

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iPhone 5 Tops Galaxy S3 as No. 1 Seller

Apple’s iPhone 5 supplanted Samsung’s Galaxy S3 as the top-selling smartphone worldwide last quarter, reports Strategy Analytics. The Apple phone sold a staggering 27.4 million iPhone 5 units globally, capturing a 12.6 percent market share. Meanwhile, Samsung was unseated from the top spot, shipping 15.4 million Galaxy S3 units for

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