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Every single day thousands of applications flood the the open doors of Apple’s App Store. Some are genuinely good while others are trash that someone has created simply to squeeze a few bucks out of, which causes many of the deserving applications to slip under the view of a casual App Store user. Therefore, in order to shed light on these underrated applications, iPhone Alley has begun to highlight any hidden gems hiding within the arsenal of applications the App Store currently hosts.

Whether you’re the kind seeking a worthwhile game to waste some time, or you’re in search of an intuitive utility that bests every other, these weekly guides are your ultimate resource for finding apps that have slipped under the general radar of App Store users.


Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

by Electronic Arts

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
6.99 USD


The first app in our weekly roundup hasn’t quite gone unnoticed in its short existence in the App Store. In the past four days since Need for Speed™ Most Wanted first launched, the app has proved to be incredibly popular among App Store gamers. Currently comfortably placing #5 overall in iOS games, this new addition to the popular Need for Speed™ franchise has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide in addition to ours here at iPhone Alley.

Electronic Arts has executed the full skills of its sub-company Firemonkeys and their expertise previously seen in the Real Racing franchise. Need for Speed™ Most Wanted will put the user at the helm of a variety of modern day vehicles ranging from those of the muscle category to exotic Lamborghinis that boast both speed and aesthetic.

Players will be able to race across multiple track locations, each testing the ability of the player to maneuver through road blocks and curves, determine shortcuts and overcome the challenge assigned to each specific race. These include tradition racing against 5 AI opponents as well as time runs and more. The Most Wanted iteration of the Need for Speed™ series has a core focus on avoiding the police while wracking up the highest wanted position. Because of this, otherwise boring races are augmented by the addition of road blocks, spike traps and police officers that are well equipped and ready to ram the user off course.

Awing artwork and fairly-realistic sound effects render the game impossible to resist. Roads reflect rain water, cars shine in the sunlight and each model car perfectly represents its respective real-life version. The sheer amount of variety in Need for Speed™ Most Wanted is enough to warrant a purchase. Again, while it’s not under the radar, we completely recommend that any iOS gamer immediately download the app.




Powered by Unity and beautifully indie, Irrupt has the charm and the captivation to absolutely suck up the life of a gamer. With the simple addiction seen across many of the games currently populating the App Store, Irrupt is yet another avoidance game. However, rather than simply putting a small graphical twist on the common formula, the developer has uniquely developed a whole new gameplay style.

As space blocks rain down from the top of the screen, your character will monotonously fly horizontally across the screen. Tapping and holding on the screen will put a temporary stop to the motion of your character. Sounds quite simple, right? In truth, though, Irrupt will challenge one to the fullest amount and also will steadily teach you how to manage your anger.

There’s only a certain amount of time for which your character can be stopped on the screen. This means you have to time your pauses to coincide with the blocks falling down. If you wait too long, the character will automatically jerk forward, which in many cases will result in a fatality.

The scoring works as such: every time the character passes the right side of the screen, the player’s score increases by one. It takes time and patience to get past the frustratingly difficult gameplay and learning curve to build up a satisfying score.

To retain the app’s simple, arcade-like gameplay, everything is drawn pixel by pixel to reflect a retro theme. If you’re into that kind of thing, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the old-school feeling the artwork and chiptunes give on in combination.

For a cheap price, Irrupt is another deceivingly difficult gem that has quietly slipped under the App Store charts. There’s no doubt, though, that the game should be up among the top.