Speculation: Could Apple Include An LED Flash on the New iPod Touch?

We’ve seen Apple add something to the iPhone one year, then improve on that for the next generation iPhone. The same applies to the iPod Touch. New hardware introduced on the iPhone usually makes it onto the iPod Touch a year or two after the iPhone, when the iPhone’s is improved. Could this year be the year when an iPod housing an LED flash is revealed?

I was thinking about our post earlier today about how the iPhone 5 could boast dual LED flashes, and thought maybe they would include a single flash on the new generation iPod Touch, if there is one. I first posted this as a comment to the earlier post, as a joke (“Ha! I bet Apple is going to put two on the iPhone just so they can put one on the iPod Touch.)” but then realized that there was a slight possibility it might be true.

If Apple were to be adding another LED flash to the iPhone, it could mean they want to step up the iPhone’s game, so it isn’t on the same level as the iPod Touch. I guess they want the difference between the two to be more than, “the iPod Touch is the same thing, but without a phone” to less informed owners. Could Apple include an LED flash on the new iPod Touch this year or be gearing up to add one next year?

There’s no real evidence behind my speculation other than it’s simply my thinking. May not happen, may happen. We’ve seen many rumors not actually materialize, and this could be another one of those. We’ll just see as Apple’s press conference in September gets closer.

Your thoughts?