Measure of Display: Showdown Between Converter Applications Convertbot & Convertr

A measure of display, pun completely intended, is taking place between what we consider to be the top two converting applications on the App Store. A comparison of speed, UI and more will be tested between the two shedding light onto the superior application. Developer Tapbot’s Convertbot and Vervv LLC’s Convertr will be posed against one another. Note: somewhat exaggerated for the purpose of hype.



There’s no doubt that unit conversion is a tricky affair what with all of the differing units that are commonly used in the world. Rather than one unit for length, one for weight, one for mass, one for velocity and so on, each is littered with many standard units as well as other alternatives that can be used to express said measures. While the App Store is most probably jam-packed with conversion applications, the two best that we’ve found useful in the past have been the popular Convertbot as well as the more recent Convertr. Though the latter hasn’t been exposed to as quite as large an audience as Convertbot has, indicated by the sheer difference in iTunes reviews alone, Convertr definitely has the potential to stack up with or potentially outdo Tapbot’s prized application. Find out below.

*We’ll only be comparing the two applications in three categories which are UI, Design and Capabilities as there wasn’t really much else separating the two.

Convertbot ($1.99)

UI – Convertbot has obviously been designed to be the quickest solution for a user to jump to when they’re in desperate need of a conversion, however, this is not the case. When used, it takes a considerable amount of time to determine what each of the icons used in the application means. Rather than using text for the various menus, Convertbot uses simple icons to demonstrate the different categories of units. These aren’t the most reflective of their respective units, and you’ll often find yourself switching between the categories.


Design – Convertbot is not only a powerful conversion utility, it’s also extremely attractive. Even though the icon system hasn’t been executed flawlessly, and they don’t quite depict exactly what category they’re representing, the icons blend into the cool backgrounds. There’s nothing else to say other than Convertbot wins in this aspect undoubtedly.

Capabilities – Convertbot has a ton of units to choose from, but it boasts 440 while the competitor spaciously separates itself in this department. You may not even use that many units, but it’s always great to have more. Convertbot packs all of this into a package that’s 4.4 MB – small, yes, but Convertr has more units and is a smaller file by over one MB.

Convertr ($1.99)

UI – Convertr, while it may not be up to par in terms of looks (next), has laid out its menus in the most strategic and most intuitive way. It also splits up units into different relevant categories, which are available in a list with text and small thumbnails used.



Design – Although the calculator buttons have been designed with care in mind, they don’t quite size up at all to the UI assets used in Convertbot.

Capabilities – Convertr packs over 450 units in a package that is a mere 3.1 MB.


Out of three areas of comparison, two were in the favor of Convertr (UI & Capabilities) while Convertbot only took the cake for the best looking app of the two. The results incontrovertibly show that Convertr, the obvious underdog, has pulled ahead and is our pick for the best converter application currently available on the App Store. Check it out for only $1.99.