iPhone 5 – Predictions (Humor)

1. With new state of the art technology, the iPhone will read your thoughts…no need to tap icons.
2. The new A6 battery will be powered by a phoenix feather and Harry Potter movie sales.
3. The iPhone 5 will be so beautiful that one should not look directly at the screen for fear of cracking it.
4.The glass will have a curve designed to emulate Kim Kardashian’s booty.
5. Apple has decided to eliminate antenna issues by installing a pull out antenna like the old Nokia phones.
6. The back will be made of mood ring material. Especially handy to help men know when to communicate with their wives.
7. Cameras will be improved by automatically detecting photo ops. Visiting the Grand Canyon? The camera will tell YOU what pics to take.
8. Ideas taken from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Steve Job’s favorite movie, will enable users to purchase products via the iPhone and have them pulled out through the screen. *This may cause some problems as the products will be floating in a million pieces over head until they are sent to the phone.
9. The iPhone 5 will be 5G….screw 4G.
10. 3D will be standard on all iPhone 5′s. Bonus: each iPhone 5 comes with a pair of blue and red paper 3D glasses.