Indie Developers vs. Large Corporations

Indie, or independent, game developers are often recognized on the iOS platform. Many of them are in the process of releasing games or have already released games onto the App Store, and these games, with all honesty, seem to best games made by larger corporations. I’m not sure if it’s their status of being independent or if it’s just their dependency on their games that makes them put so much time and effort into their projects, but it it certainly better than some other projects I’ve seen made by major corporations.

I’m not saying that large corporations don’t put time and effort into their endeavors on the App Store, but I’m just saying that it seems as if indie developers put a bit more. Take a look at Gameloft, for example; their games are extremely well done and well received. But have you seen them ever update their games with additional content? Can you name one title that doesn’t very closely resemble a console title made by another company? I”m not picking solely on them, but other companies as well.

I don’t want to be bias towards corporations, but I know what an indie developer goes through to get a game out there. They have to work with no pay for months on-end and then if their game is a flop, they’re pretty much broke. There’s a documentary coming out soon (Indie Game: The Movie), that focuses on the hardships of a few indie developers developing for the XBLA, so if you want a better account of everything I’ve said, check it out when it’s released.

So, the next time you go browsing the App Store for a game, check out one made by someone you’ve never hard of rather than by someone who is well-known. I know first-hand that there are an absolute endless amount of good, worthy titles deserving attention – many of them aren’t even more than a buck. And the quality of most will probably be more evident. #longliveindiegames