Could the iPhone 6 Feature a Slide-Out Keyboard? [Rumor]

The iPhone is famous for many things: fast operation, high functionality and an interface that is, quite frankly, to die for. What it’s also famous for is not having a slide-out keyboard. That could change, however, with the introduction of the iPhone 6.

While such a thing is only a rumor at this time, the rumor is enough to give one pause. What would the iPhone be like if it had a slide-out keyboard?

An article posted by The News Tribe features an artist’s rendering of what the device would look like if such a feature were to be added, along with breathless support for the concept.

It is true that some complain that the screen-based touch display leaves something to be desired in the area of accuracy.

However, it would probably not be inappropriate to say to users who make such an argument, “You’re doing it wrong!”

The iPhone keyboard as presently constituted is just fine. Millions of users happily type away on it daily, and those who know how to use technology properly have no complaints. Attaching a slide-out keyboard would almost be criminal; such a keyboard would seemingly reward the technologically inept.

A slide-out keyboard is an interesting concept indeed, but it’s a concept that could cheapen the iPhone. Let’s face it: a slide-out keyboard is often seen on cheaper, less honorable cell phones, the sort that prepaid customers would purchase.

Would an iPhone owner really want to be seen with a unit that has a slide-out keyboard? No self-respecting one would be likely to wish to be seen that way. The iPhone, at its core, is meant for a higher class of people.

Those sorts who wish a slide-out keyboard can simply drag their knuckles to the numerous and lesser phones that cater to such triviality. Leave the iPhone users to their class and affluence.

iPhone users are used to the swipe method, and Apple has spent a lot of time and money ensuring that the screens offer a high level of accuracy. In fact, the iPhone’s sensors are unquestionably accurate, and it would be almost treason to suggest otherwise.

Another argument in favor eschewing a slide-out keyboard–not there even is an argument, mind you–is that Apple can easily update its current keyboard with an iOS update. Once a slide-out keyboard is out, no new features can be added, and no corrections can be made.

Time will tell whether or not this rumor will ultimately ring true, but what is certain is that a slide-out keyboard would drag the iPhone down to the same level as prepaid phones, and no one wants that!

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[via: The News Tribe]

Image credit: Ben Ling/The News Tribe