ZodTTD Submits Quake Port For iPhone To App Store For Approval

Several months ago, we saw Quake 3 running on a pair of iPod touches, and then later ZodTTD got Quake running on the iPhone. Since then, Cameron and Marcia Tofer of Hermitworks, the duo responsible for the Quake 3 port, announced that the project wasn’t to be released. Unlike them, however, ZodTTD is now attempting to submit his Quake port over to the iPhone to the App Store for approval.

ZodTTD made the announcement on his forum at the end of last week. The port is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch on all firmware versions, include network play, mods / downloadable content, and if accepted, will be distributed as a free download.


He notes that the app approval process generally takes around 2 to 5 days, but makes no conjecture as to the likelihood of it being accepted. We’re not sure what his chances are, but Quake would definitely make an awesome addition to the App Store lineup.

[iClarified via ZodTTD.com]

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