Zodttd Porting Quake 1 To iPhone

Zodttd, the guy who ported SNES to the iPhone, has been hard at work porting over yet another game. This time it’s not an emulator, though. You might recall that someone had successfully ported Quake 3 to an iPod touch. It still hasn’t been released, but now Zodttd is working on porting Quake 1, and we’re hoping he’ll release it when he’s finished. Video after the break.

I took a moment to relax and ported Quake 1 natively to the iPhone and iPod Touch last night. I call it quake4iphone. Everything is implemented including network play. This video is of Quake4iphone running one of 3 demos included in the shareware Quake 1 WAD files. It’s also taken before I implemented controls, which are similar to how my other apps such as the GBA emulator gpSPhone work in portrait mode.

[via iPhone World]

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