Zibri Still Working On ZiPhone, Accuses Jailbreakers Of App Piracy

We haven’t heard much from Zibri for quite a long time, but he’s finally crawled out of his cave and let the world know what he’s up to. He updated his blog today to give an update on a version of ZiPhone that he says isn’t quite ready yet. He also accuses the jailbreaking community for having shifted their focus from allowing unauthorized apps to primarily getting apps from the App Store for free.

There was a lot of speculation for some time that ZiBri had quit the iPhone hacking business, but he has since changed his mind. Currently he’s working on a new version of his iPhone hacking, jailbreaking, and unlocking software, ZiPhone, but it’s not yet ready for the public.

He also mentioned that he’s a little more hesitant to remain a part of the jailbreaking community, as he believes that most people nowadays only jailbreak their iPhones to install pay apps from the App Store for free. We’re not sure if that’s true or not, but we here at iPhone Alley support developers, and certainly don’t condone app piracy.

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