Zibri Says No ZiPhone For 2.0 Software

Most of you probably know Zibri as the dev who created ZiPhone, but if you’ve been following what’s going on behind the scenes you would know that Zibri and the Dev Team haven’t been getting along well. However, while the Dev Team is releasing the Pwnage Tool and WinPwn for the iPhone 2.0 software, Zibri has opted to sit this round out. He made an announcement on his blog saying that he would not be creating a version of ZiPhone for the 2.0 software, and explained why.

Dev team did an impressive team work this time
and even if I don’t personally like the tool I see
no other way to do things on 2.0.
(If I’ll see one I’ll tell you) :)

Still, he adds that he believes he has not received due credit for dumping what he calls the “837 key”, which he feels was a major contribution to the iPhone-hacking effort (although he has yet to explain to us normal people what it actually is).

Thanks again to Joe for bringing this to our attention.

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