Zibri Finds iPhone Video Bug

Zibri is back once again, and he brings news of a new bug. He first wrote about it back in September, but didn’t offer any details. Since then he’s apparently tried to apply for a job at Apple, but they have yet to get back to him. So, rather than continue to wait around, he’s preparing to reveal the exploit to the public.

Zibri claims the exploit is “extremely serious”, and affects a code library that Apple uses in their operating systems in relation to a video format. Using knowledge of this, it is possible to create a video file that would crash the device when opened.

Allegedly there is no permanent damage done to the system by the exploit, but it would be annoying. Forbes magazine tested his exploit themselves, and have verified it to be real.

Zibri also claims the same exploit, or one similar to it, could affect Apple’s Mac computers and iPod line.

[via Forbes]

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