Yahoo! Creates iPhone Optimized Search Page

Yahoo, finally taking cue from Googles very popular mobile search offerings, is launching its own mobile search solution for the iPhone and iPod touch. Point your MobileSafari browser over to and you will be treated to a search experience that integrates many Yahoo products.

Some of the highlights of the new search as laid out in the blog post of Yahoo web dev Ryan Grove are…

  • Search Assist saves you time by completing your queries before you’ve finished typing them.
  • All of your favorite SearchMonkey modules will follow you from your desktop browser to your iPhone (just make sure you’re logged int your Yahoo! account on your iPhone)
  • Movie show times, weather, local results, breaking news, Flickr photos, and other useful Yahoo! Search shortcuts are now at your fingertips.
  • Other helpful features like Quick Links, same-host indent, and more.

[via Mashable]

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