XGPS300 GPS Cradle And NavAtlas To Bring GPS Navigation To GPS-Less Devices, Sold As Bundle

Earlier today, Dual Electronics revealed the XGPS300 GPS cradle for the iPhone and iPod touch. Unlike the TomTom Car Kit and separate navigational app, Dual Electronics’ cradle does enable turn-by-turn GPS navigation in non-GPS devices (original iPhone, all iPod touches) via their GPS navigation app, NavAtlas, which is also sold bundled with the cradle (also unlike TomTom). Demo video (complete with sick beats) after the break.

The cradle should be an enticing choice for owners of the original iPhone or an iPod touch, as well as 3G and 3GS users, given its much lower price of $179.99.

Both the app and the cradle will be available starting some time later this month. You can learn more about it from GPScradle.dualav.com.

[via Gadget Review]

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