X-Plane 9 Developer Shares Inside Look At Apple

Lamnar Research, the makers of X-Plane 9 for the iPhone [App Store], shared wrote on their blog today about the experience of getting their flight simulator by the same name for the Mac ported to the iPhone platform. They were even asked to come work on it in the Apple headquarters, and give a fascinating inside look at Apple from the eyes of an outsider.

As the story goes, the idea to port the app to the iPhone came from his tech support guy. Initially he was skeptical, so he called a contact at Apple to ask if he thought the move would be possible. As it turns out, not only did they think it would work, but they were so enthusiastic that they asked him to fly from New York to Cupertino so they could start work in it by the morning of two days later so they could collaborate at Apple HQ. The idea was to have it ready in time for Apple’s Let’s Rock event so it could have the possibility of being demoed during the keynote. The experience he describes is pretty fascinating:

Within 2 minutes, our contact at Apple came down the lobby to get us and bring us to the office that would be our home for the next 7 days as we cranked out the iPhone version of X-Plane on an absurdly tight schedule. Here is the deal: Apple had a Keynote coming up in about 10 days, and wanted to have X-Plane ready to present there, and neither Ben nor I had ever tried to program anything for an iPhone before. Could we get X-Plane into an iPhone in only 10 days? Steve Jobs himself, Leader of Apple, wanted to have a suite of programs ready in only 7 days to present at the keynote, and we had NO PROOF AT ALL that the job even COULD be done… in ANY time-frame! The next 7 days were, to say the least, ‘interesting’. Ben and I had an office right in the middle the ‘hive-mind’, right alongside all the engineers at Apple.

The story has since been removed from the site, but a Google cache is still available. It’s an excellent read.

[via MacRumors]

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