WWDC: Apple Announces New Factory App Dubbed ‘Passbook’

Tickets have been expanding from hard copies to support more digital-based platforms. We’ve seen Amtrak conductors switch to verifying tickets with their iPhones, and a variety of other companies have similarly adapted to the increasingly available digital means of ticket management.

As part of our iOS 6 roundup, we’re covering a new factory application that Apple teased today at its WWDC keynote.


With the announcement of Passbook earlier today, the hard copy verification/credential of tickets and gift cards may soon become extinct. VP of iOS Software Scott Forstall demonstrated the new application today with United boarding passes, a Starbucks gift card and Fandango movie passes. Essentially, Passbook is an app to condense the large amount of important things you carry around in your wallet – gift cards, plane tickets, movie passes, etc.

For example, a customer can make purchases using their Starbucks gift cards directly through the iOS app. You can also purchase tickets on Fandango and redeem them from Passbook. Airline boarding passes and tickets can be accessed through Passbook.

Passbook is location-aware. For example, when you approach a Starbucks location, the app will remind you of your unused gift card, if any. Similarly, the application will update gate number and such when used in conjunction with boarding passes and airline tickets.

The app will be available upon the launch of iOS 6 and is undoubtedly also a marvel for graphic designers!