WWDC 2012: Siri Receives Enticing New Features

In all of the commotion surrounding the Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote earlier today, news of all of iOS 6′s new features may have been drowned out. Hence, we’re going to roundup everything that was covered by Apple today regarding the new operating system that will soon embrace your iOS devices.

It seems that the banner, which we posted about, had some significance in the keynote that took place earlier today and introduced a slew of new features, products and more for Apple to boast. Today, the Cupertino-based company shed some light on the “future of iOS”, as was teased with the company’s invitations to the event.

So what’s in store for all of us iOS junkies? In fact, just like last time, Apple has a whole multitude of new features included for iOS 6 users – to be fairly exact, at least 200 things.


The virtual assistant that Apple launched back in October of last year in conjunction with the release/announcement of its latest handset, the iPhone 4S is the first to be revamped. Siri has some exciting updates.

Siri will now be able to launch applications, whereas asking it to do so with iOS 5 resulted in a decline of the command.

Apple has also updated Siri with more sports knowledge. It is now able to answer a variety of sports-related questions including game times, stats, specific player information and more. Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes integration has been included to give Siri the ability to answer a wider number of questions regarding movies and also restaurants.

Previously, Siri was limited to the United States and Canada only. Apple has now extended the local search functionality to no more than 60 countries, meaning more customers are supported and have incentive to utilize the assistant.

Most notably, it’s coming to the iPad as expected by the majority of the iOS community. Siri now also has better Facebook and Twitter integration. You can instantly compose status (or tweets), and can also share photos, websites and maps.