WWDC 2012: Apple Integrates Facebook into iOS 6

In all of the commotion surrounding the Worldwide Developer’s Conference keynote earlier today, news of all of iOS 6′s new features may have been drowned out. Hence, we’re going to roundup everything that was covered by Apple today regarding the new operating system that will soon embrace your iOS devices.

It seems that the banner, which we posted about, had some significance in the keynote that took place earlier today and introduced a slew of new features, products and more for Apple to boast. Today, the Cupertino-based company shed some light on the “future of iOS”, as was teased with the company’s invitations to the event.

So what’s in store for all of us iOS junkies? In fact, just like last time, Apple has a whole multitude of new features included for iOS 6 users – to be fairly exact, at least 200 things.

Facebook Integration

The list of updates to iOS 6 stretches on but one of the more notable additions is the highly demanded integration of Facebook into the operating system that will soon be available for iOS devices. You can share statuses through pre-installed applications like Maps, Photos, etc. and also Siri.

However, the popular social network is integrated deeper into the core of iOS than Twitter when said integration launched in iOS 5. You can use Siri to make commands and a new public API allows third-party applications to do the same. As expected, the App Store also gets its slice of Facebook; you’ll be able to like applications and also see recommendations based on what your friends are using.

Contact syncing now ensures that your social networks are all lined up.