WWDC 2010 Rumor Scorecard [Updated]

With less than a week to go before Steve Jobs speaks at WWDC, the rumors have been rumored, speculations have been speculated, and secret videos have all been posted on YouTube. So today I present you with a scorecard of all the rumors to date, and my humble predictions so you can see how much smarter you are than me.

Update: Out of 24 rumors, I was wrong on three: The new name, a 64GB model, and I missed the availability by three days. (Available on a Thursday, really?!)

Below is my commentary, but a printable scorecard is available here.

New iPhone
This is probably a foregone conclusion. Every June Apple brings out the latest in iPhonery, this year is not likely to be the exception, so I’ll say YES on this one.

iPhone HD
Will the fourth iPhone be called the iPhone HD? I really have no insight on this. It sounds good, and I think the screen resolution will be significantly increased, so it fits. But honestly, I didn’t think Apple would called their tablet the iPad. I’ll say YES on this one, but not with any authority!

The question of resolution is a multiple choice question. Will the iPhone get an increased resolution? And if so, what will it be? Rumors have been 800×480 (to match the Nexus One), 960×640 (doubling the current phone), and 1024×768 (matching the iPad). I’m going with 960×640.

A4 Chip
Apple introduced its own chip with the iPad. Speculation is that the iPhone will get the same chip. It makes more sense than not, so I’m going with YES on this one.

There are four camera rumors: Upgraded camera; Upgraded video; (LED) Flash; and a Front-facing camera. I’m going with YES on all four.

Video Chat
If I’m wrong about #4 above, then I’ll be wrong here too. We’ve not only heard that Apple is going to introduce video chat in the new iPhone, but we even heard rumors of who will be directing the commercials for it. I’m saying YES on this one too, and I think this will be the killer new feature that will set the iPhone’s competitors back.

Technically what we’ve seen is not “unibody.” To be accurate, unibody is how the MacBooks have been made from a solid block of aluminum. But I do think we’ve seen what the new iPhone is going to look like, so I’ll say YES to this.

White Faceplate
We have a white iPhone option already, but it’s only the back. I’ve always felt that the front should have been white to match. It is unlikely Apple will drop the white option, so I am going out on a limb and saying YES, we will get a white faceplate. If you were to ask about other colors, I’m going to say NO, especially brown!

Apple makes a 64GB iPod Touch, so it makes sense that Apple will offer a 64GB iPhone this time around. I’m saying YES and I really hope I’m right on this one. I currently have an iPod Classic that is more than half full, and while 64GB won’t handle everything I have on the iPod, it’s likely to handle all the stuff I really need. For bonus points I’m going to suggest that the 64GB model will cost $399 subsidized, and $799 unsubsidized.

Will the new iPhone support an external memory card? Jobs seems to hate external memory cards more than the two-button mouse, so I’m going with the safe bet on this one and saying NO.

Removable Battery
There’s no real point to the removable battery. Jobs knows it, Ives knows it, and deep down inside, you know it. No way will Jobs let an iPhone have a removable battery, so I’m going with NO here.

Physical Keyboard
This one is barely worth acknowledging. I’m saying NO, without any hesitation.

AT&T Tethering
Sigh. Everywhere other than in the US, the iPhone can tether. While we should get this option today, let alone June 7, this keynote is Apple’s keynote, not AT&T’s. In fact, I get the impression that Jobs would rather be anywhere than with any AT&T representatives right now, so I don’t think AT&T will be making any sort of announcement at WWDC. Sorry to bring you the bad news, but NO, we will still not be able to tether.

Look, Verizon has an issue. They think they are the boss in any business relationship. But Jobs knows he is the boss in any relationship. AT&T got that, which is why they got the iPhone. Verizon didn’t get it when Apple asked them if they wanted the first iPhone, and I don’t think they get it yet. Until they do, there will be no Verizon iPhone. Not only am I saying NO, but I predict MetroPCS will get the iPhone before Verizon does!

If any new carrier gets the iPhone, I think it is more likely to be Sprint than anyone else. Having said that, NO, we will not see a Sprint iPhone in June.

Honestly… I have absolutely no idea. I don’t know why they would, and I don’t know why they wouldn’t. But I’m saying NO to this one anyway.

Rumors are abound that the AppleTV is about to get some much needed attention. The timing would be perfect for Apple to announce the GoogleTV killer so quickly, but I think this is an iPhone event, so NO, we won’t see any AppleTV announcements until September.

Like I said above, Monday is all about the iPhone. I predict that in September, Apple will have a “music” event where they present an updated iPod Touch, drop the iPod Classic, and offer news about iTunes in the cloud. But, NO, there will not be anything said about iTunes on June 7.

This is a fill-in-the-blank question. Some speculators seem to think you’ll be able to buy the new phone right away, but I’m not so sure. I predict you will be able to pre-order as soon as Jobs is done speaking, but the iPhone won’t be in your hands until June 21.

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