Woz Wants a Wider iPhone 5, Do You? (+ Our Take) – iPA B

Having been part of the foundation of Apple (literally), Steve Wozniak remains an influential force. Nonetheless, we wonder if his words can still inspire Apple’s future direction as he calls out for another, bigger iPhone model to join iPhone 5.

Part of me wishes Apple had not been so arrogant, feeling like ‘We’re the only one with the right clue.’ I wish they had made a wider version [of the iPhone 5]. I think Apple tricked itself by saying ‘Oh, you can reach everything with one thumb.’ I don’t see anybody having trouble using the larger screen. But Apple said that as a defensive move because everyone else had larger screens. Not all people want the same thing. A lot of people really like big screens.”

The Woz speaks.

Editor’s take: As sheepish as it may sound, I still cannot help but feel that Apple had tested each and every possible form factor when deciding how to expand the display, taking usability and comfort research into strict account when determining that 4″ would be optimal for most. Perhaps making iPhone 5 any bigger would have been too much of a leap from 3.5″, with 4″ being a mid-way point for now. Apple could succumb to releasing multiple size options to a mobile lineup as they will be with iPad mini sometime soon, that is… if the public still demands a further jump after spending time with seemingly-colossal phones. (We may explain our reasoning and what we feel Apple’s had been further in a separate article.)

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