WordPress to Support Media Uploads Starting With iOS 6

Up until now, blogging on the go wasn’t too user-friendly using the popular platform, WordPress. The lackluster app, the horrible mobile solution to navigating around WP-admin, and the inability to efficiently upload a picture all coalesced to make the whole blogging experience a terrible, non-ideal one. Thankfully, if you’re into blogging while on the go, you’ll be pleasantly excited to learn that you’ll soon be able to upload media to WordPress from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad kudos to Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 firmware upgrade.

A spokeswoman told TheNextWeb the following: “Support for this feature is planned in future releases of both WordPress and WordPress.com,” including that the feature would be available “later this year.”

Along with other noteworthy iOS enhancements, Apple announced that it had updated the feature-set in its mobile Safari to allow users to upload photos from their libraries using a regular HTML input element.

At the moment, mobile Safari and WordPress don’t offer an easy solution for users to upload photos to their blogs, hence blogging on the go isn’t efficient or idea. If you have the necessary skills required to manually compose the HTML to input images, blogging is actually quite easy – for the majority of WordPress users, however, manually uploading pictures is the only way to get them on a WP draft.

With WordPress’ mobile app, the whole solution is severely flawed both due to the app’s buggy coding and non-intuitive user interface. Regardless, the feature will be coming very soon – sometime this Fall in fact.