Word of the Next Generation iPhone(s) Cannot Be Contained

As Apple’s press conference creeps closer and closer, when the next generation iPhone(s) are supposedly, though it’s pretty much already confirmed, being announced, word of the new phones simply cannot be contained.

Due to some overly excited, Apple fanboy webmaster (humor, no idea if actually true!) over at i-Wireless section of Cincinnati Bell website thinking that the new iPhone 5 was to be launching today, instead of two weeks from today, a placeholder was put on the website for a 32GB iPhone 5. Thanks to TUAW and one of their readers, who originally discovered the page, a screenshot was taken of the section. As you can see, below, there’s no ‘Add to Basket’ option for the iPhone as there is for the phone pictured above the placeholder.

What’s intriguing about this, other than the fact that the iPhone 5 showed up on an official company’s website, is that the website is a pay-as-you-go website and the carrier is not major but instead regional. Additionally, the placeholder states that the iPhone 5 will have an 8 megapixel camera, 4 inch screen, and 4G data speeds. Now if you’ve ever tried to play with a page’s code, then you know how easy it is to go in and edit things. I wouldn’t completely dismiss the placeholder as a fake, but just consider the following image which took me less than five minutes to do by editing some things with Chrome’s ‘Inspect Element’ tool. Plus, there’s no absolute, 100% guarantee that an iPhone will be announced at all until it’s actually announced! Oh, and going for the image being legit: the website took down the placeholder almost immediately.

Another leak apart from the TUAW one, was first posted about by 9to5Mac. In a new beta version of iTunes, which was released yesterday (Friday), Apple mentioned the ‘iPhone 4S’. It was next to an icon which was seemingly of the current CDMA (Verizon) iPhone. Unless the image was just a placeholder, then the iPhone 4S will evidently look similar to the CDMA iPhone – oh yeah, and despite previous rumors, there will most likely be two iPhones announced this Tuesday.

So until the actual announcement of the two iPhones this Tuesday the 4th, by Apple, nothing can be confirmed nor disproved. Though there is still 3 more days for companies to spill some beans and unofficially give some critical hints away…we’ll keep you posted.

[Via 9to5Mac/TUAW]