Wonderland of Game Holiday Sales: Our Picks

The gift giving and receiving does not have to end after a journey to your tree this morning since you can load your iDevices (perhaps one that you had gotten under that tree?) up with games that have been discounted to the point that it is almost as if they are being given away! These developers are certainly in a Christmas mood, with deals that will make the holiday just a bit more merry. It seems as if there isn’t a popular app has been left at a price much higher than a buck or three, so now is the time to splurge on iOS games, whether you need them or not can be decided afterwards…

Go for the EA collection for big-name titles. Looking for a Mass Effect experience on your mobile or jonesing for a classic like Tetris? Electronic Arts has put those on sale for $.99 along with 97 other titles, including Plants vs. Zombies and the Need for Speed series, in its lineup.

Looking for more blockbuster franchises for your new device? Gameloft does not disappoint, putting most of its lineup at the $.99 price point as well. The Dark Knight Rises game brings with it an experience that complements the movie with a mirrored story while N.O.V.A. 3 is the closest iOS will get to an adaptation of the Halo series; both are quality titles that will cause doubt towards the platform being a mobile one and not a more powerful console. We recommend Wild Blood as a top new choice for showcasing your iOS device.

More titles on sale that we recommend picking up as your own personal stocking stuffers:

Walking Dead: The Game – $4.99->[free] Telltale Games crafts a story that puts players in control of its direction in a chilling adaptation of the popular TV show. Since it was rated video game of the year as a multi-platform release, what do you have to lose by downloading the first episode for free? Besides perhaps a zombie or two. Also give the three-episode Hector series a spin from the same developer.

Infinity Blade $5.99->[$.99] & Infinity Blade II $5.99->[$2.99] Own the series that catapulted iOS gaming to the next level with Unreal Engine 3-powered graphics and a slick combat system meticulously designed for the swipes and taps of a touchscreen.

Avengers Initiative $6.99->[free] As the only game tie-in for the blockbuster movie, Initiative had a lot to live up to when it surprised us with its release. It combines stellar graphics with Infinity Blade-akin gameplay. Although it may come off as a clone of that beloved franchise, this is a polished take on the formula.

Bastion [$.99]
Arkham City Lockdown [$.99]
Kotomon $3.99->[free]
Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 & Years 5-7 [each $.99]
Lili [$1.99]
Bladeslinger Episode 1 [.$99]
Jet Set Radio $4.99->[$1.99]
Walking Mars $4.99->[$1.99]

With such a vast App Store, there’s sure to be more great sales; let us know your picks in the comments! These deals will last until at least December 28 thanks to the App Store update hiatus.