Wintek Cited for iPad Production Delays

If you were irked about the fact that the iPad isn’t in your hands at this very moment, there may be someone to blame. PerDigiTimes, local Taiwanese newspaper Liberty Times is claiming that Apple’s touchscreen manufacturing partner Wintek is the source of issues that have slightly delayed the release of the iPad to April 3rd from Apple’s originally planned window of late March and have reportedly resulted in lower launch quantities of the device than desired by Apple.

The report claimed that Wintek is facing a manufacturing bottleneck in its touch panel production, and its low yield rate for touch panels has hampered its shipments to Apple.

From its own end, Wintek has claimed that all operations are running normally, although the company has refused to discuss specific orders in its statement.

Assorted reports have appeared throughout March regarding supply delays and shortages prior to Apple citing a specific launch date for the iPad last week. The reports ran the gamut from a “production problem” to “glass or manufacturing process delays”.

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