Will AT&T Tethering Lead to More Jailbreaks?

After a ridiculous amount of time, AT&T finally decides to offer tethering. Well, it’s not here yet, but they say it’s coming for real this time, and they must be serious because they have a price tag all ready to go. But what is the story with that price tag? AT&T says they are going to charge $20 per month for tethering. But tethering is only an option with the DataPro ($25/month, 2GB) plan. I can’t tether with the cheap (200MB) data plan, and I can’t tether if I hang on to my unlimited plan. Not only that, but what does one get for the $20? You would think that if the data is now capped at 2GB per month, the $20 provides more data. But you’d be wrong. Apparently, the $20 is just for the privilege of tethering. I already paid for the data, why charge me extra for how I use it?

Look, the service is bad enough. I haven’t used my phone as an actual phone in three years. It flat out doesn’t work at all in my house, and no matter where I go on vacation, it doesn’t work there either. (Actually, it worked when I went to Orlando. I was actually amazed, “So this is what it’s like to own a cell phone!”) Now we are being asked to shell out more cash to use our phone the way we want. I’m not asking for free data, I’m asking to be able to use the data I paid for in any way I want. I’ve had enough, and I bet I’m not alone.

Assuming I’m willing to jailbreak, for $10 I can get an app for my iPhone that not only lets me tether right now, but it lets me use my iPhone as a mobile wi-fi hotspot. This is something I still won’t be able to do even if I pay AT&T the extra $20 per month. I predict we will see the jailbreak numbers increase after this great announcement from AT&T.

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