White iPhone Arriving Soon? Looking forward to it?…or not

A picture taken at the Whole Foods of the white iPhone 4

Could the white iPhone 4 finally be coming? Is it really something to look forward to? I would think not. According to AppleInsider, a man was spotted at a Whole Foods store in Seattle, Washington with the white iPhone 4 and he let out some info that could change your decision on purchasing on not.

Supposedly, the man claimed that he was testing the device for Apple and that it would be released in February of next year in Europe. He said that Apple had fixed the Antenna issues with the new one, and that they would not occur. However, he also stated that Apple was having issues keeping the device from yellowing at the corners. Major turnoff or what?

On top of that issue, MacNotes.de conducted an experiment replacing a regular iPhone 4′s external glass with the white one, and saw that the glass caused photos to look overexposed due to the flash. You can see it in this video:

With these issues, Apple will probably release the white iPhone 4 closer to the time that they release their new line of the iPhone. Who would want to buy the device when they could get the new one just around the corner? What are your thoughts on this? Will you buy the device if Apple releases the device in Spring of next year? Leave your comments below.