White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Worldwide (Tomorrow?)

After a string of endless rumors, all signs are pointing to the launch of a white iPhone 4 worldwide. Yup, for real this time. An April 27 release is expected in the Netherlands. 9 to 5 Mac‘s image of Best Buy’s inventory indicates that the U.S. will be joining our friends to the West with the white iPhone 4 on April 27.

A Belgian retailer received a shipment of white iPhone 4s, and Engadget received pictures. While similar fake boxes have circulated in the past, there’s no reason to believe that these aren’t the real deal. In fact, a few have already been sold in Belgian. One difference from previous images and demo units that owners have noted is how the proximity sensor uses an oval shape rather than an area of holes.┬áIt’s likely that there are quite a few more retailers receiving similar shipments.

White iPhone 4 Unboxed

German site Macerkopf claims that U.S. Apple Stores are preparing to put out signs promoting the white iPhone 4. It seems unlikely that Best Buy would receive an Apple product before Apple’s own retail stores, so it is plausible that Apple will officially announce the U.S. release tomorrow morning and put the devices on sale immediately afterwards.

Are you planning to pick up a white iPhone 4? After ten months, do you even care about it anymore? It is a refreshing change from previous iPhone designs, but it’s too late to the party. I can see it being a popular iPhone 5 choice, but I would be surprised to see a significant amount of current iPhone 4 owners flocking out to stores tomorrow to re-purchase their phone in a different color just months before the release of a significant upgrade.