While You Were Sleeping: Morning App Store Update Report

While you were sleeping Apple pushed 13 updates to the AppStore. Crack open iTunes or the AppStore on your iPhone/Touch to find that Lists, Stock Command, Lumina, De Blob, Blanks, aSleep, Molecules, Rain Stick, KickScreen, AirMe, Glasgow Coma Scale, iHourglass, and ABC Letters are all updated. Read more after the break to find out what’s new in each app.

Lists: Added a preference to open automatically in shopping mode * Changed icons representing counter mode in preferences * Fix a possible crash when deleting items * Added a list option to recall last category used * Added a search field in items list

Stock Command: Updated/New: New background for menus Fixed issue where difficulty setting wasn’t being used Fixed hit testing with the ground Minor speed up of missiles Added Background music Added sound explosion sound effects. Randomizes between four explosions Added setting to turn on/off music and/or sound effects Added missile launching sound effect Added Stock Command title to the main menu Know Issues: Silent switch on the iPhone turns off sound effects, but not music. However, system volume controls the volume of music and sound effect playback

Lumina: NEW FEATURES IN 1.1.1: The turn timer in Single Player Mode can now be optionally turned off, and the setting is saved for future gameplay. However, the turn timer will continue to be mandatory for Multiplayer Battle Mode. This update is dedicated to MarinCounty: we hope Lumina will become your favorite game once again. To all, please send us feedback through our support website. Thanks! NEW FEATURES IN 1.1: Multiplayer Battle Mode is here! Have up to 5 players play against each other on one device in a fast-paced battle of elimination. Lumina will keep track of cumulative scores across rounds. A per-level time limit is now implemented to keep the game pace moving forward. ENHANCEMENTS: A red rim now surrounds the square crystal buttons whenever the glass buttons are inactive (e.g. when the computer is playing back its pattern or in between turns in Battle Mode). An opportunity to enter your name now appears every time you’ve achieved a Top 10 personal best score. A default value for one’s name may still be entered in the High Score Settings area. BUG FIXES: Scores of equal level but shorter time will now be inserted in the Top 10 Personal High Scores before those of equal level but longer time.

De Blob: Updated Icon

Blanks: Finally, it allows you to try all words until you find the correct term. More words (actually I fixed another randomizer bug). The complete 1000 words are used and not just 200. Sorry for that.

aSleep: 50 Hi Quality Stereo Sounds – Volume Slider (for iPod Touch Users) – Sound Fade Out (at the end of Timer)

Molecules: Integrated keyword searching of the Protein Data Bank has replaced the manual entry of PDB codes. Two new visualization modes have been added: cylinders (colored by amino acid or nucleotide residue type) and spacefilling. To switch modes, double-tap on the 3-D model. Titles and other metadata for the molecule are now displayed in a cleaner format.

Rain Stick: Fixed a problem with background images that may have been causing crashes.

KickScreen: 1. New Application Icon 2. Movie Synopsis, director, cast and copyright information 3. Faster load time

AirMe: Fixed intermittent duplicate uploads.

iHourglass: Added a Custom Timer option. Several more hourglass graphics.

ABCLetters: I accidentally removed a letter H from 1 of the alphabets when I was making the last build. Thank you to the users who informed me and thank you for your patience.

That was your Morning AppStore Update Report for Wednesday August 20th 2008. Check back tomorrow morning at 9am for another Update Report.

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