WhatTasks: GTD App Coming To App Store

We just got tipped off about another application that will be heading to the App Store. It’s called WhatTasks, and it’s a To-Do/ GTD application for the iPhone and iPod touch. So far this is the first true native GTD application that we’ve actually seen a decent overview of, and based on that, it looks very cool. WhatTasks is intended to help you keep track of the three basic principles of GTD philosophy: what you need to do, when you need to do it, and where it needs to be done.

It has three main views divided into those categories. The What view lets you create, change, and browse your tasks and projects. The When view shows you exactly what needs to be done arranged by when it needs to be done, and a Where lets you see your tasks arranged by where you need to do them. All of these things are arranged in what looks like an simple, easy-to-understand interface.

They haven’t announced a price yet, but WhatTasks will be coming to the App Store soon. Be sure to check out their home page at whattasks.com.

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