What iPhone 6 Would Look Like If It Followed a Recent Prototype’s Description (And Had iOSX)

From the same mind that brought us a stunning, true-to-detail, otherworldly-physchic iPhone 5 mock-up that panned out to be an inconceivably accurate depiction of the shipped device, comes a telling tale of what the next iPhone could look like. While throwing some creative flair into it, the guideline of a recent prototype’s description was followed in the creation of a striking new phone that makes for a great object of… hope? Decide for yourself if this “iPhone 6″ mock-up is deserving of being lusted over or demurred against.

Courtesy of Italian mock-up artist Federico Ciccarese, here is another bold attempt at an inspired product vision. Do those design cues look familiar? After all, they are taken from Apple’s latest iPod nano lineup – from the shape to the buttons. This is dangerously close to being little more than a nano rendered with a borrowed Phone screen, although the mock-up has been maintaining a niche popularity.

While we cannot take this as a sign of more than a dreamt-up dissolution of the next expected release, the intertwining of two current designs in Apple’s catalog by a talented designer comes as virtuous speculation firewood. Although, this is better-suited for a foretelling of how iPod nano would transform with a newer operating system; its feature-set is dated, marked by a stark lack of apps in its current generation.

Well, this does make a note-worthy case for the iPod nano’s ability to look like a usable iPhone. Still, it does not seem like it would be suited to overtake the current design. Perhaps if the redundant iPhone Mini rumors do gain momentum this would make for a reasonably differentiating design. Otherwise, it is just a take on what could be and considering the working-in of an iOS-Mac OS X hybrid iOSX, we could warm up to Ciccarese’s ideas.

[Designs by Ciccarese Design]