What Case Makers Say About the iPhone 5

There have been tons of rumors lately regarding the new additions Apple will be adding to the iPhone 5, expected to be announced later this month. Since Apple missed their annual announcement for the iPhone, which should have officially happened this Summer, people are expecting a huge overhaul to the most popular smartphone on the market. Case makers have their take on what the rumored next-generation iPhone will be like. See below for more.

Usually, case makers are the first to predict what next iterations of the iPhone will look like, of course after the initial mockups and such. Italian iOS blog, Macity.net has got their hands on a few cases from a case manufacturer that could depict what the iPhone 5 will look like come later this month.

If you want to see the website’s full gallery of pictures comparing the empty cases to iPhone 4s, you can do so here.

Although the cases aren’t quite completely genuine, they could just be what the iPhone will look like. If true, then the iPhone 5 will in fact be slimmer, much like the current iPod Touch 4th generation, as well as have a larger display. The latter apparently seems to be the most appealing to most of our readers, evident from the results of our ongoing poll. You can see pictures compared to the iPod Touch at the above gallery link as well.

A case comparison between the supposed iPhone 5 case and a current iPhone 4 case from Case-Mate

What are your thoughts? Case makers have usually been pretty good about letting the public and media know of what new versions of the iPhone will look like. Though the green, supposed iPhone 5 case looks a lot like the cases I have for my iPod Touch – just saying.