Web App Brings Google Voice Back To iPhone (Sort Of)

Earlier this summer, Apple turned a lot of heads (including the FCC’s) when they unabashedly killed Google Voice on the iPhone, rejecting Google’s official app and removing all third party ones. Now an alternative has shown up that Apple can’t reject; a web app. Riverturn, the developers of the removed app VoiceCentral, has created their own web interface to the service that acts exactly the same as a native app. Video after the break!

Using the 100% browser-based app, you can dial phone numbers with the dialer, view a list of transcribed voicemails, and SMS messages. When you dial a number with the dialer, Google Voice calls the number you dial and your iPhone simultaneously, connecting you to the person you called in the app when you pick up.
As you can guess, it’s not a perfect solution. The web app can’t access your iPhone’s contacts list, and you can’t listen to or read transcribed voicemail or send and receive SMS through the app, which were one of the biggest appeals to having a Google Voice app on the iPhone, but it’s better than nothing.

[via TechCrunch]

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