Waze’s GPS Nav App Lets You Play Pac-Man With Your Car

Waze [App Store, Free] is a GPS navigation company unlike the rest. Instead of licensing a bunch of map data for their app and passing the fees onto the customer, they’ve decided to allow the community to create and maintain the maps. This is done by allowing users to record roads as they drive their cars. The result is a map that’s always being updated with new info and live traffic data.

To make the deal even sweeter, Waze includes a game mode that essentially lets you play Pac-Man with your car! The idea is simple, find unverified “dots” and “road goodies” on the Waze map and drive your car to them. This not only helps you gain points, it also helps improve the accuracy of the map!

Waze has also announced several contests based on the points you gain while munching. Those of you in the US and Canada have already missed out on the promotion, but if you’re outside North America, a new contest has just started. Three users who gain the most points between November 25th and December 9th have the chance to win one of three Amazon gift cards.

If and when the contest is over in your area, users can still play the game mode. So give it a try, it’s free!

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