Watch (Tons of) HBO Content on Your iPad/iPhone with HBO Go

HBO, which has been losing subscribers at a steady pace over the last few years, just made a subscription a little more appealing with an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that allows you to watch every episode of ongoing and past HBO series. The selection ranges from new hits like Boardwalk Empire and even includes the entire series run of favorites such as Entourage and The Sopranos. Subscribers can also access movies available through HBO’s On Demand service along with all original content with the new HBO Go app.

The app’s content library beats the selection available to subscribers from their TV sets with HBO On Demand, which only has current episodes and a constantly-shuffling set of older episodes. Not only can you access HBO Go through a Wi-Fi connection, but also anywhere with 3G.

While other subscription services have been gaining subscribers, HBO continues to lose them as fan favorites end and other cable networks are on a streak of critically-acclaimed, popular shows. At least HBO can say that they’re the first with a dedicated mobile app for viewing subscription content from anywhere. If you’re one of HBO’s 28.6 million subscribers, then give the free app a “go.”

[via App Store]