Watch Out for Fake iPhone 5GS Release Emails

A new spam/phishing scheme feeds off of the anticipation for the next-generation iPhone in order to lure users into malware. Disguising itself in an attempt to duplicate Apple’s email layout, though failing in the typical fashion of spam emails; there is a blatant lack of consistency and thought in its actual layout.

Through a terribly-put-together array of mock-ups and real accessories, the email presents tempting links for recipients to “learn more.” Of course, clicking any links within the message begins the download of a malicious file. The scheme can go further than that though, asking users for Apple ID and personal information.

The most prominent email scam based around Apple’s layout is advertising the “iPhone 5GS” as the new “fifth generation of perfection” that “lets you do more than ever” with a “bigger display, transparent mode, better cloud integration.” Apparently, a “new Black era begins” that is “simple, astounishing, divine” as well.

Despite the email’s presentation giving away that it is an imitation to even slightly-savvy users, undoubtedly many will fall for it. Be on the lookout for such scams, as there have reportedly been more emails pretending to be from Apple, such as this:

1282517 Angle Large

[via MacRumors]