Walmart Puts New iPhone 4 On-Sale at Cheapest Price Yet

Okay, we know that you would need a reason to go to Walmart for an iPhone 4 purchase. Prior to today, it would be easy to come up with tons of reasons to go elsewhere to a more tech-savvy store (wait, it still is). Does a 26% discount entice you? Because that is exactly what Walmart has begun offering.

For $147, you can take home a brand new black or white 16GB iPhone 4 with a two-year contract on Verizon or AT&T. To find out stock availability and whether such a sale extends to the 32GB iPhone 4 (if that model is offered at your local store), you will have to contact retail stores.

Oh, and it’s a total coincidence that the two posts preceding this also mention prices. With keynote after keynote and shiny new products (or services, no-new-WWDC-product-announcements Apple), money makes the industry spin round.

As a bonus, check out this not-totally-unrelated video below. You weren’t shopping at Walmart for a discounted iPhone, you were at the AT&T store next door, right?

[via Walmart]