Walmart iPhone 3G Launch Semi-Confirmed, 4GB Model Unlikely

Last week, BGR reported a rumor that Walmart would be selling the iPhone 3G, and another that the line-up would include the reappearance of a 4GB model at a $99 price point. Now Bloomberg has confirmed that employees are undergoing iPhone sales training, but there’s still no proof of a $99 iPhone.

Bloomberg says they contacted five different Walmart employees at five different locations across the U.S., and all of them confirmed that training to sell the iPhone 3G at Walmart is taking place. One anonymous employee in Yuba, California said that six employees at his store were being trained to sell two iPhone models, but didn’t know the specifications for the models or what pricing Walmart would offer them for.

Another at Vacaville, California said that they would be offering the same 8GB and 16GB models sold at AT&T locations, for the same prices at other locations.

One employee in Stockton, California said he was told that the iPhone 3Gs would be available some time around December 15. Others said between Christmas and New Year’s Day, corresponding with the rumor of a Dec. 28 launch.

Additionally, MacRumors has posted a Walmart advertisement that shows the 8GB model on sale for $197, but makes no mention of a cheaper one (click to view):

[via Bloomberg]

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