VoIP App Banned From iPhones In Germany

At the request of T-Mobile, the Higher Regional Court in Hamburg has banned VoIP app Sipgate from being sold for iPhones in Germany. The app, which oddly enough is available through the App Store, lets users make phone calls using T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi network that are both less expensive and don’t include roaming charges.

According to the court, the app uses unfair business practices to pull customers away from T-Mobile. Though available in the App Store, it requires the BSD Subsystem that can only be installed through jailbreaking, which violates T-Mobile’s contract terms.

At first, they chose to fight the cease and desist order from the carrier, saying that T-Mobile was guilty of misleading customers by not making clear the fact that VoIP, IM, and VPN were not included. Despite a ruling in their favor resulting in T-Mobile loosing the ability to advertise “open internet access with unlimited data”, they are now being ordered to comply with T-Mobile’s demands.

The ruling is only in effect for Germany.

[via The Register]

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