Vodafone Offering SIM-Only Plans For Switchers In UK

Vodafone UK, the newest iPhone carrier in the UK, has announced SIM-only plans to encourage those in the country with iPhones on competitors’ networks to switch to Vodafne plans. They’re hoping that at least some of the users on the other networks will be unhappy with their plans to switch or be enticed by their network quality, which they claim boasts “reaches 99.7 per cent of the UK population – and our network has won awards for its speed and reliability,” according to their website.

“That means people using their iPhone on other networks can now join the UK’s best network with Vodafone’s SIM-only deal,” Vodafone said.

For £25 per month, UK natives can get 900 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts, 1GB of mobile data monthly and unlimited Wi-Fi access via BT Premium Openzone on a 12-month deal. You can learn more about the plans at Vodafone UK’s website.

[via Macworld]

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